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At ParaQuad Tasmania we focus on abilty. Our sporting arm, Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania does just that – providing the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in sport and recreation activities, at a social, local, national or even international level. We regularly invite people with Spinal Cord injury and physical disability to try new sports and proudly host large sporting events. We know that participation allows for increased self-esteem, confidence and positive social interaction. Follow our Facebook page for all the latest.

Wheelchair Basketball Australia

Wheelchair basketball is currently hailed as the fastest-growing sport for athletes with a disability. The game was initiated in the late 1940s when basketball players returned from World War II to the US, unable to play able-bodied basketball, and adapted the rules to enable it to be played in wheelchairs.

It is now played in over 80 countries with over 100,00 players at all levels globally.

As current Paralympic and World Champions, Australia is at the forefront of wheelchair basketball’s development. 

Paralympics Australia

Wheelchair basketball was one of the foundation sports at the first Paralympic Games in Rome, 1960.

Wheelchair basketball is open to athletes with a physical impairment. It is played indoors on a regulation basketball court. Players are assigned a point value from 1.0 to 4.5 depending on their level of impairment. Teams consistent of 5 players and must not exceed at total of 14.0 points on the court at any one time.

For more information on Wheelchair basketball Eligibility and How to Get Involved please see the Wheelchair basketball Information Sheet (PDF – 132KB) – updated August 2022.

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