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In 2021, a new partnership between Basketball Tasmania and PlayHQ was announced. As an exciting new sports administration technology platform, PlayHQ allowed Basketball Tasmania to simplify the experience for its associations, clubs and volunteers, and provided participants with unprecedented access to results and statistics.

PlayHQ is now aligning basketball participants across Tasmania under a common registration fee structure and user experience.  This will ensure a standardised online registration process, as well as providing a competition management solution tailored for basketball.

All Basketball Tasmania Clubs and Associations have now been brought onto the PlayHQ platform, with over 13,000 successful registrations already processed.

How to Register


Sign up to PlayHQ

Follow these steps to create a new PlayHQ account to complete your registration with:

  1. Visit
  2. Complete your details on the “Sign up to PlayHQ” form
  3. Enter a verification code
  4. Log in for the first time


Register with Basketball Tasmania as a player, team manager or coach.

Once season registrations are open, parent/guardians and participants can access a season registration link by contacting their Association/Club or by visiting (to find their Association/Club).

The only way to register to your Association/Club’s competition season is via the direct Association/Club link located on

​First time users will be directed to set up a PlayHQ profile at via the direct registration link, and then will be circled back to the registration form to easily register their dependents or themselves to the relative competition season.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your PlayHQ account.  You can confirm this by looking at the top right of the page, and your name should appear.  If it doesn’t, then click ‘Log In’ and follow the steps to log in.
  2. Choose who you would like to register.
  3. Choose the role you would like to register as.
  4. Provide details for the participant you are registering
  5. Once you’ve provided these details, you can choose the “Save and Continue” button to view any registration fees and the terms and conditions for your registration.


If parent/guardians or individual participants need help while trying to register, you can either:

  1. Visit the PlayHQ Support site at OR
  2. You can lodge a support ticket at

If Associations require further communications or assistance regarding PlayHQ, please

contact the following individuals:

Aussie Hoops Locator


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