Men’s Team Lists

Burnie Tigers Men (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Sam Pulford

In: Kyle Clark (Smithton), Oliver Rattray (Juniors), Nash Armstrong (Juniors), Jonty Dynun (Juniors), Will Goninon (Returning), Keenan Johnson (Returning)

Out: Ben Woolley (Latrobe)

Burnie fell agonisingly short in the 2023 Grand Final to a tough Penguin outfit and will be looking to climb the mountain once again. The loss of Woolley (Latrobe) will hurt, but the core of the 2023 contending team remains intact. An influx of Juniors coming in, and the recruitment of Kyle Clark (Smithton) should hold this squad in good stead for yet another Finals push.

Devonport Warriors Men (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Sam Adams

In: Liam Williams (Ulverstone), Logan Gibson (Launceston), Jarrod Scott (New), Tom Ryan (Juniors)

Out: Kye Savage (COE/AIS/NBA GA), Will Jago (Latrobe), Tobias Furneaux, James Clements, Brady Armstrong, Jordan Comandari-Bullen

Devonport have taken a talent hit with the loss of Savage, Armstrong, Jago and captain Clements. The Warriors have gone some way towards building up a competitive unit, with the addition of veteran Williams (Ulverstone) and young talent Gibson (Launceston), Ryan (Junior) and Scott (Deloraine). Under the guidance of new coach, Sam Adams, look for this group to be well drilled on both ends of the floor. Adams will be looking for another stellar year from mercurial talent, Vionte Daniels, who returns for another season for the Warriors.

Latrobe Demons Men (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Matthew Jago

In: Ben Woolley (Ulverstone), Jalen Patton-Croker (NBL1 North), Jackson Lowe (LSBL), Will Jago (Devonport)

Out: Kye Keseilis, Oliver Baldock (Ulverstone)

Review notes coming….

Penguin Blues Men (tbc)

To be confirmed


Somerset Heat Men (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Michael Lindsay

In: Isaac Atuer (Injury), Kobe Jackson (College/NW Thunder), Bol Atuer (SA District), Lachlan Barker (NBL), Jase Chapman (Burnie), John Morgan (Burnie)

Out: Bang Majok

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Smithton Saints Men (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Bernard Williams

In: Casey Carpinelli (Import – US), Kale Williams (Juniors)

Out: Jaylen Larry (Import – US), Nash Walker (COE/AIS/NBA GA), Kyle Clark (Burnie)

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Ulverstone Redhoppers Men (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Nick Cooper

In: Reace Anders (Import – US), Oliver Baldock (Latrobe), Josh Vimpany (LSBL), Drew Stone (New), Lewis Young (Juniors)

Out: Liam Williams (Devonport), Nelson Cruse, Robert Spencer, Saxon Beard

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Wynyard Wildcats Men (updated 25/01/24)

Coach: Tre Armstrong

In: Marquise Mosley (Import – US), Tre Armstrong (NW Thunder), Brad Templar (LSBL)

Out: Matt Young, Kaelen Malone (Import)

The Wildcats are looking competitive once again with Armstrong coming back into the mix along with Launceston based Templar to build out squad depth in conjunction with stalwarts Lee and Scott McGaffin and young gun Mitch Rowlands. Malone (2023 import) had a strong second half of the season last year, and Wynyard will be hoping his replacement in Mosley will contribute just as much or more, to take them back into finals contention in 2024.

Women’s Team Lists

Burnie Tigers Women (tbc)

To be confirmed – squad pending.


Devonport Warriors Women (updated 31/01/24)

Coach: Tony Webb

In: Olivia West (Somerset), Marli Oliver (Returning), Sianna Adkins (Juniors), Willow Farr (Juniors), Grace Greenhill (Juniors), Maddison Mayne (Juniors)

Out: Taya Webb (NBL1 East), Zoe Crawford (Burnie), Macey Crawford (Burnie), Micah Simpson (NBL1 South)

Most clubs wouldn’t be able to recover from the loss of such high end talent in Webb (NBL1 East), Simpson (NBL1 South) and the Crawford sisters (Burnie). But such is the talent of this Warriors outfit that this team will still be around the mark come finals time. Under reigning Coach of the Year Tony Webb, and with the addition of Olivia West (Somerset), this team still has the tools to go all the way. Lucy Aherne and Claire Martin will work inside, while the perimeter talent will be hard to contain between West, Paige French and Emma Menzie. The Warriors will also welcome back a full season from Olivia Crawford – this group is as good as any in the competition.

Latrobe Demons Women (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Kate O’Neill

In: Tayla Roberts (TSBL), Matilda Neate (LSBL), Elliott Jordan-Gossage (New), Annabelle Furneaux (New), Irini Alexiou (Returning)

Out: Sienna Woodcock (Injury)

Review notes coming…

Penguin Blues Women (tbc)

To be confirmed


Somerset Heat Women (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Paul Lindsay

In: Jackie Lindsay (Import – US), Amber Brazendale (Penguin), Subi Daly (LSBL)

Out: Olivia West (Devonport), Brielle Kay, Kristyn Kay, Ella Tuit, Hope Brooks (Wynyard), Pirri Barnes (Penguin)

Review notes coming…

Smithton Saints Women (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Bernard Williams

In:  Saofaiga Reupena (QSL)

Out: Isis Young (Import – US), Taya Radford, Rachael Harvey

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Ulverstone Redhoppers Women (updated 2/02/24)

Coach: Matt Parker

In:  Tahanee Bennell (Injury)

Out: Porsha Lambie, Shelby Rayner, Kristen Lovatt, Kathleen Parker

Review notes coming…

Wynyard Wildcats Women (updated 31/01/24)

Coach: Michael Johnstone

In: Emani Mayo (Import – US), Hope Brooks (Somerset), Zoe Mesman (Temporary Retirement), Ali Reynolds (LSBL), Olivia Votavota (Juniors), Elka Hutton (Juniors), Ke’Ala Owens (Juniors), Amy Glover (Juniors), Molly Saltmarsh (Juniors).

Out: Ionna McKenzie (Import), Chloe Gillett, Cali Schumann, Bailey Middap, Linday Baker, Finley Bryan, Emily Doig, Steph Shaw, Bailey Groeneweghe, Sarah Spinks, Tallissa Wilson.

Almost a complete overhaul of the Wynyard Wildcats Women’s team with many familiar faces electing to step away for season 2024 and perhaps beyond. President Scott Wilson and the team have done well to pull together what looks to be a competitive team on paper, with Hope Brooks (Somerset) and veteran Zoe Mesman (LSBL) flanking new import Emani Mayo. The rest of the squad is a blend of veteran and up-and-coming juniors in what looks to be an exciting campaign ahead. Wynyard’s top talent may be enough to snatch a finals spot in 2024.