Future Development Program

Future Development Program 2023/2024

The Basketball Tasmania Future Development Program (FDP) was started in 2014 to ensure our athletes are developing from a younger age to progress them in our sport and to advance their skills in preparation for the State Development Program (SDP) when they turn 14.

The aim of the FDP is to identify and select basketball athletes with future potential and develop their individual skills, mental skills, and team concepts which will aid them to develop successfully in future levels.

Program Info:

Future Development athletes will receive 1 x 1.5-hour squad session each week in school terms in their region (boys and girls separate), 2 x 1-day camps (1 Camp in central venues such as Deloraine or Launceston, and other camp will be in their own region) and 4 x 1-hour skills block sessions over the 12 months.

The cost for the program FDP is $650 (including GST) and includes the weekly training sessions and camps. Payments are made prior to the program commencing (as has been the case in preceding years). Athletes will not be able to start the program until the payment has been received. The cost of the clothing for the program is additional.

The per-hour cost of a Basketball Australia-endorsed development program with athletes receiving development from Nationally Accredited and Internationally recognised coaches inclusive of on-court practices, weekend camps, and three rounds of Tri-Series is $9.15 per hour.

Athletes selected to the program will be required to pay the full amount of fees should they decide to withdraw. The cut-off date is three weeks from the first practice session of the new cycle, inclusive of any practices that were missed due to illness/injury or any other circumstance.

Development Programs x TJJJL:

Basketball Tasmania encourages all athletes within the development programs (FDP and SDP) to participate in the TJJJL (in either Championship or Shield Division). The TJJJL competition aims to provide quality representative basketball which presents development program athletes with the opportunity to gain valuable game experience on a weekly basis and maximise their basketball development.


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