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life members

Life Membership is the highest honour which can be bestowed by Basketball Tasmania for longstanding and valued service to Basketball in Tasmania. On the nomination of the Board, any individual may be elected as a Life Member at any AGM by Special Resolution


Basketball Tasmania Life Members 

George Russell 1963
Geoff Lethborg  Date unknown *
Warren Morris 1979
Tony Fulton  1982
Tony Andrikonis 2009 
Alf Green 2012*
Barbara Menadue 1992
Lenna Lynch 1993
Graeme Brown 2005
Phil Thomas 2005
Peter Robertson 2005*
Lou Cox 2008
Pat Ogg 2008 *
Tim Leedham 2013 *
Sue Leedham 2013
Lynn Butt 2014
Andree Greenwood 2016 *
* deceased 

australian representatives

There can be no greater honour to be selected to represent your country in your chosen sport, and behalf of all from your home State honour all of those who helped you along your journey and represent your country at a FIBA sanctioned event. Tasmania has had many players and officials wear the national colours with pride and distinction.

George Russell - Chair of Basketball Australia


Marty Clarke - Australian 19 and Under Men's Assistant Coach (gold medal) and head coach
Mark Radford - Australian 19 and Under Men's Assistant Coach, World University Games
Tony Webb 
Nita Burke - Australian Opals
Ian Davies - Australian Boomers
Marty Clarke - Australian Emus
Kathy Foster - Australian Opals
Anthony Stewart - Australian Boomers Squad
Mark Nash - Australian Emus and Boomers Squad
Carla Boyd - Australian Gems, Opals
Hollie Grima - Australian Gems, Sapphires, Opals
Sam Harris - Australian Emus 
Matthew Knight - Australian Emus
Lucas Walker - Australian Boomers
Adam Gibson- Australian Emus, Boomers
Hugh Greenwood - Australian Emus
Tayla Roberts - Australian Gems
Kyle Clarke - Australian Emus
Tanner Krebs - Australian Emus
Kai Woodfall - Australian
Callum Barker - Australian 
Sejr Deans - Australian Under 15
Zoe Crawford - Australian Under 15
Taylor Mole - Australian Under 17
Taran Armstrong - Australian Under 18 AND BOOMERS
Dylan Pace - Australian Boomerangs
Josh Clearly - Australian Boomerangs
Bruce Stanley - Australian Boomerangs
Christine Maynard - Australian Pearls
Jeremiah Lowe - Australian Boomerangs
Reyne Smith - AUSTRALIAN UNDER 18 AND Boomers 

Support Staff

Trudy Pearce - Australian Gems, World University Games
Ryan Carroll - Physiotherapist - Australian Emus
Jen Heggarty - Massage Therapist - Australian Opals

Australian Insitute of Sport - Scholarship Holders as Players

Brennan Stanwix and Andree Greenwood (81)
Darren Stanwix and Tracey Febey (84)
Martin Clarke and Tracey Febey (85)
Martin Clarke and Teresa Salter (86)
Martin Clarke, Tanie Clarke, Julie Morton and Teresa Salter (87)
Derek Schock, Raquel Marsh, Julie Morton and Teresa Salter (88)
Carla Porter (91)
Carla Porter (92)
Carla Porter (93)
Hollie Grima (2000)
Nic Campbell and Hollie Grima (2001)
Nic Campbell, Sam Harris and Hollie Grima (2002)
Sam Harris and Matthew Knight (2003)
Sam Harris, Lucas Walker and Adam Gibson (2004)
Adam Gibson (2005)
Dwayne Radcliffe (2007)
Dwayne Radcliffe and Hugh Greenwood (2008)
Hugh Greenwood and Tayla Roberts (2009)
Hugh Greenwood and Tayla Roberts (2010)
Hugh Greenwood and Tayla Roberts (2011)
Ben Richmond (2012)
Tanner Krebs (2014)
Kyle Clarke and Tanner Krebs (2015)
Taylor Mole (2016)
Taylor Mole (2017)
Taran Armstrong and Lauren Wise (2019)
Taran Armstrong, Reyne Smith and Lauren Wise (2020)
Rubi Gray and Reyne Smith (2021)

Australian Insitute of Sport - Scholarship Holders as Coaches

Ben Rush (2006 - 2007)
Rebecca Triffett  (2009)