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Basketball Tasmania Po Box 7654 Launceston, Tasmania 7250 Email : Phone : 03 6331 4287 Fax : 03 6331 4282


Life Membership is the highest honour which can be bestowed by Basketball Tasmania for longstanding and valued service to Basketball in Tasmania. On the nomination of the Board, any individual may be elected as a Life Member at any AGM by Special Resolution


Basketball Tasmania Life Members 

George Russell 1963
Geoff Lethborg  Date unknown *
Warren Morris 1979
Tony Fulton  1982
Tony Andrikonis 2009 
Alf Green 2012*
Barbara Menadue 1992
Lenna Lynch 1993
Graeme Brown 2005
Phil Thomas 2005
Peter Robertson 2005
Lou Cox 2008
Pat Ogg 2008 *
Tim Leedham 2013
Sue Leedham 2013
Lynn Butt 2014
Andree Greenwood 2016 *
* deceased 


There can be no greater honour to be selected to represent your country in your chosen sport, and behalf of all from your home State honour all of those who helped you along your journey and represent your country at a FIBA sanctioned event. Tasmania has had many players and officials wear the national colours with pride and distinction.
George Russell - Chair of Basketball Australia
Marty Clarke - Australian 19 and Under Men's Assistant Coach (gold medal) and head coach
Mark Radford - Australian 19 and Under Men's Assistant Coach, World University Games
Tony Webb 
Nita Burke - Australian Opals
Ian Davies - Australian Boomers
Marty Clarke - Australian Emus
Kathy Foster - Australian Opals
Anthony Stewart - Australian Boomers Squad
Mark Nash - Australian Emus and Boomers Squad
Carla Boyd - Australian Gems, Opals
Hollie Grima - Australian Gems, Sapphires, Opals
Sam Harris - Australian Emus 
Matthew Knight - Australian Emus
Lucas Walker - Australian Boomers
Adam Gibson- Australian Emus, Boomers
Hugh Greenwood - Australian Emus
Tayla Roberts - Australian Gems
Kyle Clarke - Australian Emus
Tanner Krebs - Australian Emus
Kai Woodfall - Australian
Callum Barker - Australian 
Sejr Deans - Australian Under 15
Zoe Crawford - Australian Under 15
Taylor Mole - Australian Under 17
Taran Armstrong - Australian Under 18 
Dylan Pace - Australian Boomerangs
Josh Clearly - Australian Boomerangs
Bruce Stanley - Australian Boomerangs
Christine Maynard - Australian Pearls
Jeremiah Lowe - Australian Boomerangs
Support Staff
Trudy Pearce - Australian Gems, World University Games
Ryan Carroll - Physiotherapist - Australian Emus
Jen Heggarty - Massage Therapist - Australian Opals


Chairs Award : CAM of The Year 

Open to all CAMS

Criteria -

Partnership with Basketball Tasmania programs

Growth in junior registration

Provision of services to senior players

Governance compliance

Delivery of innovative new programs

Making the sport accessible

Community involvement and connection


2018 Winner Penguin Basketball


CEO Award : CEO Basketball in Tasmania Moment of the Year

 This award recognises what can be considered the moment of the year that defined basketball in Tasmania.


– The special recognition received from the Australian Sports Commission and Basketball Australia for our Governance Reform and Leadership over the past 5 years. Award presented to Sports and Recreation Tasmania for their leadership in this Governance Reform.

2018 Winner Communities Tasmania


Graham Brown Senior Referee Award 

 For excellence in officiation at State Wide League, SEABL or senior representative competition. Named after long time referee Graham Brown and basketball Tasmania life member

Criteria -

Officiating in recognised senior representative competitions

Performance at SEABL

Support of underpinning development programs


2018 Winner Dave Farmers


Webb Junior Referee 

For excellence in officiation at junior representative competition. Named after Tony Webb who officiated at local, NBL and International level

Criteria -

Officiating in recognised junior representative competitions

Performance at AJC/ACJBC

Support of local development programs


2018 Winner Connor Westwood


Henricks/French Inclusion Athlete or Coach of the Year  

Recognising outstanding development or performance of inclusion. Named after Kathy Henricks who founded the Tasmanian mens PWID team program and Inra French, a long time coach from Ulverstone 

Criteria -

Performance at national and local competitions

Promotion of inclusion in basketball in the community


2018 Winner Josh Cleary


Hall/Northrop Technical Official

Rewarding outstanding service and excellence in the allied basketball areas of score bench, statistics, referee coaching. Named after Mal Hall who was a statistician at Syndey 200 and Margret Northrop, a long time scorebench expert and teacher

Criteria -

Involvement in recognised junior/senior representative competitions

Selection to SEABL/ACJBC

Support of development programs


2018 Winner Kelly Aherne

Davies/Foster/Greenwood Senior Athlete of the Year 

Recognising Tasmanian senior athletes and outstanding performances at National or International level. Named after Ian Davies, a Boomer, Kathy Foster, an opal and basketball Tasmania life member Andree Greenwood who attended the AIS and also had a long WNBL career

Criteria -

Aged over 18 years of age

Performance at national competitions

Connection to Tasmania

Outstanding approach to practice and play

A positive person and influencer for basketball


2018 Winner Dylan Pace


Knight/Grima Junior Athlete of the Year  

Recognising Tasmanian junior athletes and outstanding performances at National or International level. Named after Hollie Grima and Matthew Knight who had long professional carries in the NBL and WNBL and also won gold medals Knight as an Emu at the U20 Worlds and Grima as an Opal at the Senior Worlds

Criteria -

Be aged 14 to 18 years of age

Performance at national competitions

Outstanding approach to practice and play

A positive person and influencer for basketball


2018 Winner Tre Armstrong


Robertson/Adamson Junior Coach of the Year  

Development outstanding junior athletes and teams both on and off the court. Named after former Basketball Tasmania Head coaches Peter Robertson and Danny Adamson who fostered junior development in Tasmania

Criteria -

For coaches of teams aged under 18

Teams performance at local competition

Involvement at Basketball Tasmania development programs

Team performance at State Championships

A positive person and influencer for basketball


2018 Winner Damon Kingshott

Clarke/Claxton/Thomas Senior Coach of the Year

Development outstanding senior athletes and teams both on and off the court. Named after Marty Clarke, Dave Claxton and Phil Thomas (a basketball Tasmania life member). All three experienced great success at SEABL and NBL levels coaching athletes. 

Criteria -

For coaches of teams aged under 18

Teams performance at local competition

Involvement at Basketball Tasmania development programs

Team performance at State Championships

A positive person and influencer for basketball


2018 Winner Anthony Stewart


Russell/Scott Administrator of the Year 

For excellence in basketball administration at CAM, Club or Affiliate. Named after long time successful State Basketball Administrators George Russell (a basketball Tasmania Life member) and David Scott, the former GM of Basketball Tasmania

Criteria -

Innovation shown by administrator in their programs they control

Leading customer service

Community connection

Leadership of there BOM and volunteers

Connection with Basketball Tasmania and its programs and services


2018 Winner Ruth Salltmarsh


Pearce Volunteer of The Year 

Recognising the most important people in our sport; volunteers. Named after current Basketball Tasmania Board Member, Trudy Pearce. Trudy has managed Australian Junior National teams, the Gems, assisted with Australian National Junior Camps and run many successfully National Junior Championships in Ulverstone

Criteria -

Demonstrated love of basketball and helping others

A positive person and influencer for basketball

Outstanding ability to work as part of a team

Lead others in a manner to achieve outcomes for the organisation

Community connection 


2018 Winner Charlotte Collins


Aussie Hoops Centre of the Year 

Aussie Hoops is Basketball Australia’s entry program into basketball and to fun. This award recognises Aussie Hoops Programs that have excelled in growth, innovation, parent engagement that promotes basketball as a fun, exciting, inclusive sport of choice.


2018 Winner North Eastern Basketball Union

Finch/Doddy Media Partner  

Basketball is the best sport in the world, and these organisations help us to sell our story and show why basketball is the greatest sport that can be played; indoor and outdoor, males and females, five on five three on three one on one or just shooting hoops. This is named after Kerry Finch and Peter Doddy. Promote media figured who ongoingly promote the sport


Criteria -

Accessibility to Basketball Tasmania staff

A want to provide basketball content; cub, competition, CAM and Basketball Tasmania

Displays basketball and its associated components, in a positive manner


2018 Winner The Examiner

Anthony Stewart Basketball Personality  

For those special people in our community who make sure basketball is kept front and centre of the greater communities consciousness.

Criteria -

Known in the community as Mr/Mrs/Ms Basketball

Always looking at ways to promote and advance basketballs interests

Positive relationship with Basketball Tasmania and its programs

Able to generate media interest and awareness in basketball


2018 Winner Ronnel Riggs


Chris McCoy - Chief Executive Officer


Anthony Stewart - Southern General Manager



David Munns - CAM Services Manager



Kylie French - Finance Manager



Scott Boucher - Events Manager



Mark Radford - Basketball Development Manager (NW and State Head Coach)



Brad Kann - Basketball Development Officer (North)



Nic Martin - Basketball Development Officer (South)



David Bowen - State Referee Administrator



Basketball Tasmania State Office is frequently open with staff working there. Monday to Thursday there is always staff available to assist between 10.30am until 4.00pm. Or alternatively, contact


Phone: 03 63 314 287