Basketball Tasmania offers coaching courses to upskill and educate coaches and we strongly encourage all coaches to become formally accredited as it provides these benefits:

You will be recognized by Basketball Australia, Basketball Tasmania, local CAMS and associations, clubs parents and players as an accredited coach

  • It ensures you are up to date with rules

  • You will have the latest techniques and teaching methods for basketball at your 

  • By accrediting and staying updated it ensures you are aware of how to safely conduct a training session thereby reducing the likely hood of legal actions

  • It shows you care for your athletes and want to give the best! 

The process for registering for a course is:

  • Complete the expression of interest.

  • You will receive a registration and payment form.


Once sufficient coaches completed the two-step process, a course will be facilitated.

Courses on Offer

Lets Coach Basketball ($10.00 and two hours)

A short two hour coaching course that provides an introduction to coaching through a non accredited course, perfect for those new to coaching


Club Coaching Course ($140 and eight hours)

A course delivered under the Basketball Australias accreditation system with the face to face basketball component taking eight hours. To achieve accreditation a candidate completes the practical course component as well as the Sport Australia online beginning general coaching principles course or provides equivalent recognition of prior learning. This course is for coaches who are coaching local domestic basketball to state junior championships.


Association Course ($340 and 15 hours)

A Basketball Australia accredited course with the face to face basketball component taking 15 hours. This course is for those who are coaching senior representative competition, state teams and NBL1. Candidates must have a club course accreditation or prove they have coached at previously mentioned levels and have the capacity to understand course content.


Expression of Interest

To express an interest in attending a course and for dates and venues for courses register here


Items to bring

A pen, paper for taking extra notes, active clothing suitable for moving, drink bottle and snacks/lunch. Candidates will need to participate in some very light physical activity that will be at an intensity similar to brisk walking.


Presentation briefing

All modules will be presented to allow candidates to experience coaching, being coached by each other and being coached. Formal coach accreditation courses have evolved tremendously during the past ten years. Courses were once about someone talking at you as a candidate and the challenge was to see how much you could write down. We will not present a heap of drills, instead, candidates need to show they are competent in being able to form a group, communicate key teaching points, provide effective and timely feedback to the participants and increase/decrease the complexity of the activity to suit the needs of the participants.


Basketball Australia has recently updated its National Coaching Accreditation Scheme coach accreditation levels. Details of which and an explanation of the levels can be found here


Basketball Tasmania decided to invest in the ongoing development of the sport and appointed David Bowen to the new position of State Officials Administrator. David has been ably supported in his role with Andrew Johnson, Maree French, Dave Farmers providing support.


Apart from growing referee numbers, improving the education of referees

  • Selection of referees to attend the 2018 Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup

  • Selection of referees to attend the 2018 Australian Junior Championships

  • Referee coaching at Basketball Tasmania Events : Tri Series, State Championships

  • Delivery of referee accreditation and education

  • Sourcing referees and creating draws for officials for events

  • Provision of rules advice and assistance with technical questions from State Team Staff and Basketball Tasmania Staff


Selected Officials for 2019 Australian Junior Championships appointments are:

Ivor Burge –  Charles Russell (Gold PWID Women Umpire)

Under 20 –  NA

Under 18 –  Jack Woolcock and Jack Poxon

Under 16 – Nic Draper and Connor Westwood

Under 14 –  TBA


For the Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup Basketball Tasmania sent a full complement of officials who has an excellent week on the court:


2020 ACJBC:

Referees attending Australian County Junior Basketball Cup and those receiving medal matches were:

Joe Woolcock – Gold Medal Game – Under 18 Men

Dom Woolcock - Gold Medal Game – Under 18 Women

Charles Russell – Bronze Medal Game – Under 18 Women

Jakson Peach – Gold Medal Game – Under 18 Women

Annalice Morgan – Gold Medal Game – Under 16 Women

Bec Rumley – Gold Medal Game – Under 14 Boys

Harrison Arnold – Bronze Medal Game – Under 14 Girls

Xander Pretorius, Jordan Cooper, Cameron Stocks, Brandon Cooper, Hayden Neu

Referee Coaches David Bowen, Maree French and Andrew Johnson.

Basketball Tasmania continues to coordinate the annual referee action day, which featured Peter Carey, Basketball Australia’s Official Manager John Reardon the National Referee Instructor for Basketball Australia. This annual event provides fitness testing for officials, off court rules interpretation, on court demonstrations and practical experiences. All SEABL referees attend this event, those desirous of selection to Australian Junior Championships and Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup and referees from local competitions.


Further on court education occurred through the visit of experienced referee coach Alan Garraway to Hobart in 2018. This visit by the highly respected Australian Junior Championship Commissioner and former Big V Commissioner provided technical direction for officials as well as accreditation for referee coaches.

Official Referee Development Matrix

Official Referee Development Matrix - With Competencies